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Ale Risorio biography

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina under the name of Alejandro Muñoz.

His ability to entertain, together with the entreaties of his most fervent admirers, urge him to enter the world of the performing arts.



Clown: Centro Cultural San Martín, Buenos Aires ( Ricky Beherens)

Riereta Theatre, Barcelona (Lila Monti y Dario Levin)

Piccolo Cirkus, Barcelona (Marcelo Katz) Tub d’Assaig, Terrassa (Walter Velazquez)

Mime and Action Theater: C.C. Ricardo Rojas, Buenos Aires (Pablo Bontá)

Buffoon: Riereta Theatre, Barcelona ( Eric Davis)

Improv Match: Centro Cultural San Martín, Buenos Aires (Forza de Paul)

Belisario Theatre, Buenos Aires (Marcelo Savignone)

Character Creation: Centro Cultural San Martín, Buenos Aires (Ricardo Oliveira)

Centro Cívico Drassanes (Gloria Vallés)

Performance Dinamics: Santiago de Compostela (Jhonny Mellville)

Neutral Mask: Belisario Theatre, Buenos Aires (Marcelo Savignone)

In 1998 he formed the duo ‘Los Risorios’, which participates in many festivals in Latin America and Spain presenting the show ‘Es lo que hay’. Since 2005, he lives in Barcelona, Spain, where he prepared his solo performance ‘AleGrativO’, presented in different Festivals, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, Deutschland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and other places around the world.

In 2008 he led the Cabaret ‘Tocamos el violín o que?!’.

Nowadays, he teaches Clown, Physical Comedy, Neutral Mask and Buffoon. He performs with the Improvisation Theater group ‘The Junguis’ and continues traveling with ‘AleGrativO’ Show under the name of Ale Risorio.