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 Ale Risorio La Kermesse show

ErnestoR, a fan of games, fairs and cha-cha cha music, travels with his kermesse trolley.

The fortune wheel spins and the game begins. Impossible missions to be performed and the surprise that each number will be unique for an audience that will also be part of the madness of this character.

A kermesse in which everyone takes a big PRIZE!

CATEGORY : Clown-Comedy

DURATION : It can be played as a 30 min show or as a walking act with short 10 min shows.

LANGUAGE : No text, visual



Street show:

Minimum space required: 8m x 8m. Plain floor without stage.

Set up and sound check 15 minutes / Set down 15 minutes.

Sound system apt to the space, headset uhf and Ipod connection.

Light system for night shows.

Theatre Show:

Stage minimum 4m x 6m. Entrance on both sides on the stage.

Lights: ambar (general) , 1 red, 1yellow, 1 blue, 1 follower white light.

Set up , lights and sound check 45 minutes / Set down 15 minutes.

Sound system, headset connection on soundboard and ipod connection on stage.

Staff: A trolley with a sound system incorporated, 1 bag, 1 wheel and accessories for the performances. This show can fly by airplane.

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